We’ve rethought the entire process of how we design, build and buy homes. No delays. No headaches. No sticker shock. From design to manufacture to installation, we do it all.

Choose your Connect Home

Whether you own land in the country or a tear-down in the city, there’s a Connect Home that’s right for you. We’ll assess your property and help you choose the Connect Home model that fits your lot, lifestyle, and budget.

Design your space

This is where it gets fun. Choose from the high-end, standard finishes, fixtures and appliances of your dreams — all hand selected based on design, performance, affordability and sustainability. Upgrade your space with our option packages to personalize your Connect Home. Need a garage? Done. Dreaming of a deck? Done and done.

Get permits and approvals

With your Connect Home customizations on paper, we’ll submit the drawings for local city permits. While approval timelines can vary based on location, we’ll do our best to move from paper to prefab factory faster than you can choose your Connect Home.

Build your Connect Home

This is where the magic happens. We build your Connect Home in our prefab factory in San Bernardino — using assembly-line construction that cuts the time, waste and headaches associated with building or remodeling a home. Goodbye, sticker shock. Hello, cost savings.

Prep your site

While your Connect Home is being built in our factory, your local General Contractor will get your property ready for installation. We will coordinate with your site team to make sure the foundation and utilities are ready to receive your how home.

Deliver your Connect Home

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your Connect Home will arrive from our factory nearly finished — complete with siding, windows, plumbing and appliances. Seeing is believing as you and the family witness the transformation from empty lot into domestic paradise in the blink of an eye. Modern living has arrived (literally).

Install your Connect Home

When your Connect Home is delivered from our factory and set on its foundation, there’s still work for us to do. We’ll button up the seams, install the appliances, and add the finishing touches to ensure your Connect Home is move-in ready.

Move into your Connect Home

Welcome home. We’ll let you take it from here.